Lawyers and Me

I have known some good, honest and diligent lawyers in my life. My current legal adviser and friend for over 30-years is an honest, brave modest, and shy man (so I won’t name him) who has on at least two occasions been decorated for diving into the river and saving drowning people. He doesn’t hang about waiting for people to  jump in the river as some sort of lifeguard he just happens to be a strong swimmer who lives by the banks of the river Almond.

Contrary to this type of selfless solicitor, I have known lawyers who in turn have been wicked, dishonest, infamous and fascinating, about whom one could write volumes.

Is it just me who comes across these legal lepers or have I simply experienced what a typical layman would encounter in a normal lifetime? Or do I attract errant lawyers the way a magnet attracts iron filings?

You can make up your own mind from reading my musings in the first two of a series of six  articles by going to the link (marked Pages) and clicking on the articles entitled “My first lawyer” and “Magic Circle Man” in the drop-down menu box in the header of this post. Next up will be my experiences in a corrupted arbitration.